Undesrtanding Zero Gravity & Full Body Massage Chairs

Massage brings relief to all those who suffer from tension, back problems, muscular aches and pains and stress. If you are already suffering from these symptoms, you could have your own treatment when you want or need it in the comfort of your own home. A Zero Gravity Massage Chair is designed to support your entire body by taking the weight off of your spine which in turn allows the stresses and strains of modern living to flow from your muscles. The chair design, which was developed by NASA ensures that your lower legs are above your heart which stimulates blow flow, reduces blood pressure and decreases the pressure on the heart, lungs and spine.For Additional hints Visit to Zero Gravity & Full Body Massage Chairs

Add to this the warming or vibrating sensation of a massage to the parts of your back or body that need it most and you will soon be feeling much better. The zero gravity massage chair models come with a variety of settings and modes that deliver shiatsu or standard massage to your body as you lay, suspended, cupped by the ergonomic design of the chair. Through the use of vibration or rotating parts, the massage can be tailored to suit your exact requirements. On many models there are specific treatments for sports injuries, muscle pain, muscle stiffness as well as the all important foot massage. The pads can replicate the various methods of massage such as kneading, rolling, cupping and compression.

The zero gravity massage chair will deliver pain relief as and when you need it. Now there are a variety of zero gravity massage chairs and recliners. There seem to be two different concepts of what the zero gravity position means on Earth. One school of thought is to more evenly distribute the weight of the user. The second school of thought is to elevate the legs at or above the level of the heart. One form of zero gravity is reclining the user back into a position that better distributes their weight. The user is reclined back. Their weight is not concentrated in just the lower back like when seated upright. Instead the weight is more evenly distributed across the spine.