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Trade Union is created in most company around the world to protect its members’ rights, to help them to say something and give some opinions to the company where they are working. Sometimes it is not an easy task for the workers to give some opinion to the company by themselves because the company will not respect their voice at all. By combining all voices from the workers in the Trade Union, it will be easier for the company to hear and understand what is going on among the workers. As the result, the conflict or any other misunderstanding between the company and its workers can be avoided or reduced at least.Check it out on

Second reason why you should join Trade Union is because it can ensure you to get the safest work environment and health facilities. It is really your right to work in the safe environment and clean facilities. Trade Union will try to make sure that the company also has health and safety insurance for all workers working in their environment. This action is not only beneficial for the workers, but also for the company. The healthy and clean environment will increase the workers’ productivity and reduce the possibility of the workers getting some diseases. As the result, the company will get higher margin on their daily work.

Another benefit of joining Trade Union is it will also keep you in track in many local, national, or even international campaigns. The local campaigns are usually used to face some issues in the regional area, such as making the procedure of opening up a new factory, trying to help some workers to settle in the new working-environment, facing some specific issues related with specific local area that are not regulated by the national labor union, and much more. The national campaigns include everything related with all workers in the country, such as minimum wage in the country, working conditions standards, minimum pension, national labor standards, and much more. The international campaigns are usually made by the international organization such as ILO (International Labour Organization), such as the safety working procedure, recommended working environment, and many international labor law.

Sometimes the Trade Union is also powerful to help regional workers to make new campaigns and policies for members and then suggest them to the government. There are many cases showing that the government policies are affected by many suggestions from several Trade Unions in the world. It will be good not only for the workers, but also for the government because it will open the opportunity for the government to see what is happening in their area directly from the workers working in their particular region. The government will be very happy to get some inputs directly from the regional Trade Unions, so they can take a look at their national labor policy and revise it as needed. For the workers, the advantage is their voice will be more considered by the government if they give their ideas through their regional trade unions.