Active Life Madarao-A Closer Look

If you like skiing or snowboarding, at least once in your life you should try working in a ski resort. And out of all the wonderful places in the world you could work, you should definitely try and make it to a ski resort in Japan. During your 3+ winter months spent there, you can learn Japanese, make friends, ski for free, and get paid for it!There are many places in the world to do ski jobs.Learn more about at Active Life Madarao  website

On the down-side, if you work at a ski resort in Japan, don’t be surprised if, during the busy period (Xmas / New Years break), you’re working 7 days a week solid – so you may not have time to ski. But you’ll have a lot of time to hang out with your co-workers, improve your Japanese, and celebrate the end of a long day with a beer together!The Japanese love their beer, and love to have a good time. The best thing about working in a ski resort in Japan is you’ll be spending a lot of time with your new friends, drinking, talking, playing music, cards, taking onsen (natural hot springs) etc. and having fun.

You stay in dormitories with a few hundred people in them, so there’s always some fun activity going on!The end of the busiest period, around mid-January, is the happiest time for ski resort staff in Japan. By then they’ve made lots of new Japanese friends, improved their Japanese, and have some cash in their bank account. Then, the perfect extra, the powder starts really dumping! Jan / Feb is the best time for big dumps of snow in Japan.

So January is usually the month where most accidents happen. A word of warning – if staff are injured, they may no longer be able to work – so wear wrist guards, and a helmet!The final few months working at the resorts are always the best – the times when everyone in the dorms know each-other, you get enough time off to ski, and are still earning enough to live… the worst part of ski resort work is when you have to leave. Expect tears… but also expect to return someday; because you can leave Japan, but Japan will never leave you!